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Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR)

Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Providing humanitarian relief around the world, CLWR was among the first international Aide agencies of Canada and set the bar for post-WWII Refugee Resettlement laying the groundwork for such services today. 

Haldimand Tract Ecumenical Partnership

See Hanne for for more details on the Stronger Together partnership with Six Nations Polytechnic. For Full Communion, Inter-faith and Ecumenical partners see Pr. Karen.

Eastern Synod (ELCIC)


St. James is one of 200 congregations serving together as the Eastern Synod Ministry group, some of the 140,000 Lutherans in Canada.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC)


The ELCIC is the largest National Lutheran Church body in Canada and represents Canadian Lutheranism in the Lutheran world Federation, Canadian Council of Churches and World Council Churches.  

St. Jacobs Ministerial


The Ministerial in St. Jacobs consists of the clergy of the Lutheran, Mennonite and United Churches. We uphold one another and we support the surrounding community. We preside together at St. Jacobs Place and Heritage house on a regular basis. 



KAIROS Ecumenical Justice Network serves nine national Christian Church organizations in areas of Justice. See Pr. Karen for more details.