Karen Kuhnert in St. Jacobs


Pastor Karen Kuhnert

Ordained in 2008, Pr. Karen is a veteran pastor with many great gifts for ministry.

Worship Excellence at St. James St. Jacobs

Pr. Karen Kuhnert has been the primary worship presider for the congregation for the past four years. She has a warm, open, flexible, ministry style. We are Lutheran in St. Jacobs but are open to people of other faiths.

Compassionate Care

Pr. Karen has advanced training in Clinical Pastoral Education and prioritizies partnerships with community-based service providers both in St. Jacobs and in Waterloo Region such as the Delton Glebe Counselling Centre. 

Service beyond the Congregation

As Archivist for the Eastern Synod, Pr. Karen serves as a "story-keeper" for the nearly 200  member congregations and 78,000 baptized members of congregations of the Eastern Synod as well as for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) of which it is a part.

KAIROS, Canadian Council of Churches, WCC

In the areas of Indigenous Rights and Climate Change, Pr. Karen has been called on by the ecumenical community to advance the cause of dignity and human rights and our common commitment to fight Climate Change.